Yatra 2 – Treat for YS Jagan fans

  																				   Yatra 2 – Treat for YS Jagan fans

Release Date : February 08, 2024

123telugu.com Rating : 3/5

Starring: Mammootty, Jiiva, Ketaki Narayan, Suzanne Bernert, Mahesh Manjrekar, Ashrita Vemuganti Nanduri

Director: Mahi V Raghav

Producer: Shiva Meka

Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematographer: Madhie

Editor: Shravan Katikaneni

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Exactly five years after the release of Yatra, a biographical political drama, its sequel, Yatra 2, hit the big screens today amid decent expectations. Check out our review to know how it fares.


The story unfolds with the 2009 AP election campaign following the demise of the then Chief Minister Rajashekara Reddy (Mammootty). What happens next in the life of Jagan Mohan Reddy (Jiiva), his political career, and personal life is what the movie is all about.

Plus Points:

Mahi V Raghav narrates the story in a very neat manner. The way he handles the story and the screenplay is impressive.

Jiiva is decent in his role, and his mannerisms depicting the real-life Jagan are appreciable. He, within the scope he has, delivers a satisfactory performance.

Mammootty also delivers the best of his performance. His dialogues during his interactions with the public are emotional and evoke goosebumps.

Santhosh Narayanan gives life to the film with his magnificent score and songs. He must be appreciated for not letting the movie down with any dull moment.

Minus Points:

The story is written very cleverly. Mahi V Raghav doesn’t focus much on some of the very serious matters happened in the life of YS Jagan. He could have concentrated more on such political and personal issues to discuss in the movie.

Apart from the story, Mahi V Raghav could have taken more care in making Jiiva portray Jagan better. Though Jiiva manages to impersonate Jagan on screen, in some scenes, he doesn’t emote well.

The writer-director could have injected a few emotional scenes between Jagan and his family and the general public. Such scenes would have definitely made Yatra 2 more interesting.

Technical Aspects:

Writer and director Mahi V Raghav succeeded in what he wanted to portray in the film. However, he could have focused on emotional aspects that would add more value to the film.

The casting director needs to be appreciated for choosing the right artistes for the characters. The music by Santhosh Narayanan is top-notch. Editing by Shravan Katikaneni and cinematography by Madhie are appreciable. The short runtime is a definite plus, but the second half appears a bit slow-paced because of the screenplay.


On the whole, Yatra 2 is an honest attempt to showcase the happenings in the personal and political lives of YS Jagan after his father Rajashekara Reddy’s demise. Mammootty and Jiiva shine in their roles. Music composer Santhosh Narayanan elevates the movie to the next level. On the flip side, the lack of emotional connection in a few intense scenes, a slow-paced second half, and a few untouched events in YS Jagan’s life serve as the drawbacks. If you are a fan of the respective leader, you will find Yatra 2 as the best biographical political movie, but if you watch it as a normal audience, you will walk out with the feeling of watching a decent film.

123telugu.com Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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