The Trial – Only for a few thrills

The Trial – Only for a few thrills

Release Date : November 24, 2023 Rating : 2.5/5

Starring: Spandana Palli, Yug Ram, Vamsi Kotu and others

Director: Raam Ganni

Producers: Smriti Sagi, Srinivasa Naidu Killada

Music Director: Saravana Vasudevan

Cinematographer: Sai Kumar Daara

Editor: Srikanth Patnaik R

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Tollywood’s first interrogative movie, The Trial, hit the big screens today in Telugu states. Check out our review to know how the film is.


Roopa (Spandana Pilli), a policewoman in Hyderabad, encounters a heart-wrenching incident on her first wedding anniversary when her husband, Ajay (Yug Ram), accidentally falls from a building and passes away. Despite moving on, Ajay’s family reopens the case, accusing Roopa of murder. Rajeev (Vamsi Kotu) leads the investigation, uncovering surprising details about the couple’s life. What revelations emerge? Is Roopa innocent or a murderer? The movie unfolds the mysteries behind the unexpected death, shedding light on the ultimate truth.

Plus Points:

While audiences are familiar with interrogation scenes in films, The Trial distinguishes itself by primarily revolving around this element. As promoted, it is the first interrogative movie in Telugu. The respective scenes are meticulously designed to capture the audience’s attention.

Regarding performance, Spandana Palli deserves applause for her work in this movie. Her acting and mannerisms keep the audience guessing about her character until the end, and she effortlessly embodies the role.

Vamsi Kotu also delivers a satisfactory performance, and despite having minimal screen presence, Yug Ram adeptly fulfills the requirements of his character.

The cinematography and music contribute to the film’s richness, enhancing the overall quality. The revelations in the second half are poised to engage the viewers.

Minus Points:

The director, Raam Ganni, has a commendable intention, but he could have accelerated the pace in the first half to engage the audience better. The dialogues exchanged between Roopa and Rajeev could have been written more effectively to infuse more suspense into the story.

While Vamsi Kotu performs adequately, in some scenes, it feels like he takes unnecessary pauses while delivering dialogue, creating a sense that he may have forgotten his lines.

The first half is fine until the interrogation begins. Thereafter, the unfolding events become somewhat tedious, but the director limits it to the first half and carries the second half with a well-crafted screenplay.

A more strategic casting might have elevated the film, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Technical Aspects:

As both a writer and director, Raam Ganni does an acceptable job. Allowing more space for creative yet engaging conversations. The screenplay in the first half could have transformed The Trial into an excellent viewing experience.

The movie benefits significantly from Sai Kumar Dara’s rich cinematography and Saravana Vasudevan’s score. Both elements contribute to making the movie a pleasing experience. A more concise edit in the first half could have enhanced the engagement factor of The Trial.


On the whole, The Trial is just an okay crime thriller with a praiseworthy performance from the lead actress Spandana Pilli, complemented by substantial technicalities such as cinematography and background score. Conversely, monotonous scenes, a slow-paced first half, and the lack of a strong conflict point are the main drawbacks. The Trial might find appreciation primarily among those who like crime thrillers. Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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