Shantala – Falters in execution

  																				 Shantala – Falters in execution

Release Date : December 15, 2023 Rating : 2.25/5

Starring: Ashlesha Thakur, Nihal Kodhaty, Vinod Kumar, Manju Bhargavi and others

Director: Sheshu Peddi Reddy

Producer: Dr. Irrinki Suresh

Music Director: Vishal Chandra Shekhar

Cinematographer: Ramesh R

Editor: Sasank Upputuri

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Shantala is a period social drama starring The Family Man and Jawan fame Ashlesha Thakur in the lead role. The film was released in cinemas today. Let’s see how it fares.


In a hamlet in Halebidu, Karnataka, the Zamindar (Vinod Kumar) has inappropriate intentions towards young girls. Shantala (Ashlesha Thakur), passionate about dance, becomes a target but is in love with Rajashekar (Nihal Kodhaty). How Shantala handles the issues and achieves her dream of reaching greater heights is the rest of the story we need to watch in the film.

Plus Points:

Ashlesha Thakur makes an impressive Telugu debut as the leading lady, showcasing not just beauty but also a compelling portrayal of emotions. Her presence is a noteworthy addition to the industry.

Nihal Kodhaty, despite a smaller role, delivers commendable performance within limited space. Veteran actress Manju Bhargavi shines in a brief cameo.

The background score, particularly in emotional scenes, is remarkable, and Sai Madhav Burra’s dialogues add significant weight to the film.

Minus Points:

Sheshu Peddi Reddy, a disciple of Trivikram Srinivas, presents a promising story for his debut film but falls short in providing a gripping screenplay.

Aside from the historical aspect, the remaining plot lacks complexity, making it easily predictable within the first hour. A lackluster screenplay hampers the flow, and many scenes lack impact.

Several actors are unfamiliar to regular audiences, and Vinod Kumar’s portrayal of the Zamindar appears artificial, unintentionally generating humor.

Technical Aspects:

Sheshu Peddi Reddy attempts to convey history straightforwardly but misses an opportunity to develop the screenplay and character arcs for a more impactful Shantala.

Music director Vishal Chandra Shekhar deserves credit for enriching the film sonically with outstanding soundtracks. Cinematography and production values contribute positively. Editing in both halves could be more refined.


On the Shantala is a period social drama that flatters in execution. Ashlesha Thakur’s standout performance and captivating music are strengths, yet the lackluster screenplay, predictable storylines, and an unfamiliar cast are notable drawbacks. Exploring alternative entertainment options might be more rewarding this weekend. Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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