Prema Katha – Bland and boring

  																				 Prema Katha – Bland and boring

Release Date : January 5, 2024 Rating : 1.75/5

Starring: Kishore Santhi Dinakaran, Diya Seetepalli, Raj Tirandasu,Vinay Mahadev, Nethra Sadhu

Director: Shivashakti Red De

Producers: Vijay mattapally, Sushil Vazhappilly, Singanamala Kalyan

Music Director: Radhan

Cinematographer: Vasu Pendem

Editor: Aalayam Anil


Several low budget movies featuring newcomers made their way to the silver screens in the first week of this new year. Prema Katha is one such movie that opened in cinemas today. Check out our review to know how the movie is.



Amidst mounting financial difficulties, Prem (Kishore Santhi Dinakaran) works at a steel factory to take care of his family. Prem’s colleague falls in love with Diya Seetepalli. In the process of helping his colleague in his love matter, Prem falls in love with Diya at first sight. Does Prem succeed in winning Diya’s love? You will have to watch the movie on a big screen to know the rest of the story.


Plus Points:

All the lead actors delivered decent performances. Young actor Kishore portrayed his role in a sensible and natural manner. Diya manages to win audiences’ hearts with her gorgeous looks. Vinay Mahadev and Neha, who played the roles of Prem and Diya’s friends, were decent too. Pushpa fame Raj Tirandasu does justice to his character. The rest of the supporting actors also came up with impressive performances. The soundtrack scored by popular composer Radhan is decent.


Minus Points:

After choosing a routine love story, the writer-director couldn’t narrate the movie in a coherent and engaging manner. Even though the film has a runtime of about 2 hours and 10 minutes, the lackluster narrative makes the movie a never-ending and boring saga with several illogical scenes. The on-screen chemistry between the main leads fails to evocate the feeling that’s essential in love stories.

As the title suggests, Prema Katha is a love story, and naturally, audiences would expect a feel good and emotional love saga. However, the screenplay is full of unnecessary scenes that do not generate the required emotion. The comedy scenes fail to generate laughs.


Technical Aspects:

The songs and background score by Radhan and the production values by the makers are satisfactory. But the cinematography and editing leave a lot to be desired. Certain dialogues are impactful and add a sense of depth to the proceedings.

Director Shivashakti Red De disappoints with his underwhelming work both as a writer and director. While he chose a routine story, he failed to impress the audience with his dull and uninspiring narration.



On the whole, Prema Katha has numerous scenes that fail to arrest audiences’ attention. The narrative has been stretched to the point of no return. The film is filled with several illogical and bland scenes that test audiences’ patience. You may watch Prema Katha at your own risk. Rating: 1.75/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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