Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala – Tedious romantic drama

  																				 Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala –  Tedious romantic drama

Release Date : June 21, 2024 Rating : 2/5

Starring : Pranav Preetham, Shagna Sri Venun, Sri Munichandra, Mandapeta Mallika Jagula, Bombay Padma

Director: Sreenath Pulakuram

Producer: Bhuvan Reddy Kovvuri

Music Director: Karthik Rodriguez

Cinematographer: Nikhil Surendran

Editor: Sreenath Pulakuram

Youthful entertainer Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala has hit the screens today. Pranav Preetham and Shagna Sri Venun played the lead roles. Let’s see how the film is.



Set in 2004, the story is about Vaasu (Pranav Preetham), who belongs to Punganur in the Chittoor district. Vaasu is an intermediate first-year student, and he falls in love with Kumari (Shagna Sri Venun), who also studies at the same college. Kumari also falls for Vaasu, but their love story hits a roadblock due to misunderstandings. This is when Vaasu gets to know some startling facts about Kumari. What happened next? Was their love story a success? This forms the crux of the story.


Plus Points:

Along with the love element, the film has some deep emotions. The emotional climax came out pretty well. Aspects like comedy, family sentiment, and love track, which revolves around Vaasu’s character, are impressive.

The first half has some passable comedy portions. Pranav Preetham, who played the protagonist, has good looks, and his physical appearance is in tune with his characterization. Pranav sprung a surprise with his realistic performance. Shagna Sri Venun also did a very good job, and her glamor is one of the major attractions of Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala. The supporting cast did what was expected of them.


Minus Points:

The main drawback of this romantic drama is that it lacks a strong conflict point. The character graph of the protagonist isn’t designed well, and hence, it is difficult to connect to his role in important moments. There is a solid craze among the youth audience for films like these, but the screenplay of Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala is slow and unengaging.

There must be some unique point to catch the audience’s attention, but the film lacks freshness. The director and the male lead hold promise, but the age-old story and screenplay acted against the film.

Also, there are many unnecessary scenes that act as a diversion. Importantly, there are many scenes in the second half that move at a slow pace, testing the patience levels. Some bold scenes and a few fun portions are decent, but the remaining content isn’t interesting.


Technical Aspects:

Though the emotional content is decent, the film doesn’t have a captivating story and screenplay. Music director Karthik Rodriguez’s composition is good. Cinematographer Nikhil Surendran captured the natural locations beautifully. The production values are good. The editing is just okay.



On the whole, Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala is a tedious romantic drama. A few scenes and the climax came out well, but the rest of the portions aren’t engaging. The story is routine, and the film is narrated in a boring manner. The second half has many dull moments, and also the movie doesn’t have a strong conflict point. Though the lead pair did a good job, the film disappoints ultimately. Rating: 2/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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