Varun Sandesh’s Chitram Choodara – Telugu film on ETV Win

  																				  Varun Sandesh’s Chitram Choodara – Telugu film on ETV Win

Release Date : May 09, 2024 Rating : 1.5/5

Starring: Varun Sandesh, Sheethal Bhat, Dhanraj, Shivaji Raja, Kasi Vishwanath, Ravi Babu

Director: RN Harshavardhan

Producers: Boyapati Bhagyalakshmi, Seshu Maramreddy

Music Director: Radhan

Cinematographers: Jawahar Reddy

Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh

Varun Sandesh’s latest film, Chitram Choodara, skipped the theatrical release and arrived directly on ETV Win. RN Harshavardhan directed this crime comedy. Let’s see how the film is.


Mallesham (Shivaji Raja) is a manager in a film production company. While scouting locations, Mallesham sees Bala (Varun Sandesh), a small-time artist working for Rukmini Drama Company. Mallesham is heavily impressed by Bala’s acting skills and offers him a role in a feature film. Bala, along with his friends Rangarao (Kasi Vishwanath) and Moddhu (Dhanraj), arrive in Hyderabad, where the shoot is scheduled. One day, the trio gets arrested by C.I. Sarangapani (Ravi Babu) in a robbery case of 90 lakhs. Why did the budding artists who came to fulfill their dreams commit a crime? What is the role of Chitra (Sheethal Bhat) in the narrative? This forms the crux of the story.

Plus Points:

Senior actor Shivaji Raja gave a pretty good performance in Chitram Choodara. Though the writing isn’t good, the actor has brought his experience to the table. The makers tried to come up with a unique romantic track between the lead pair, and the intention behind it was good.

Minus Points:

Chitram Choodara goes wrong in many ways, and it is easily the most terrible film in recent times. Generally, proceedings in films like these revolve majorly around crime. But here in Chitram Choodara, the director took his own sweet time to introduce the main point. Until then, nothing happens plot-wise, nor are there entertaining moments. The director’s approach is bizarre, and it is tough to understand why he took so long to get into the actual plot.

Once the crime happens, things are rushed and the film ends in an abrupt manner. This sums up the quality of Chitram Choodara. Characters keep coming one after the other in the initial 30 minutes, which is sure to make the audience scratch their heads. The movie is also filled with several comedy scenes, but they hardly bring any laughs. It is surprising why this film was made in the first place since the very idea itself isn’t exciting.

The screenplay has no head or tail, and it feels like watching a TV serial. The emotional angle between hero and heroine isn’t established properly. Another big drawback is that the film offers very little for the protagonist. There is absolutely no scope for Varun Sandesh’s role, and hence, the actor couldn’t leave a mark. Talented artists like Dhanraj, Ravi Babu, and Kasi Vishwanath have nothing to do in the film and are restricted to being mere spectators.

Technical Aspects:

The movie is also bad technically. Radhan’s music doesn’t make any impact, and Jawahar Reddy’s cinematography is below par. The production values aren’t good, and the low quality is visible in many scenes. The editing is poor, as many sequences are stretched needlessly.

RN Harshavardhan’s direction is bad, and it is tough to sit through the entire runtime. Neither the film has an interesting idea nor an entertaining screenplay that will keep us invested. The director also failed to utilize Varun Sandesh’s skills. It is a clever move from the makers to release the film on OTT.


On the whole, Chitram Choodara is an unbearable crime comedy with an unexciting idea. The movie is bad in multiple ways, and it takes forever to get into the actual plot. The screenplay is pathetic, and the film’s quality is also poor. The movie doesn’t give Varun Sandesh any scope to showcase his acting skills, either. You can skip this film without a second thought. Rating: 1.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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