Review: Sasi Madanam – Telugu web series on ETV Win

  																				 Review: Sasi Madanam – Telugu web series on ETV Win

Release Date : July 04, 2024 Rating : 2.5/5

Starring : Pavan Sidhu, Soniya Singh, Rupa Lakshmi, Pradeep Raparti, Kruthika, Ashok Chandra

Director: Winod Gali

Producers: Harish Kohirkar

Music Director: Sinjith Yerramilli

Cinematographer: Rehan Shaik

Cinematographer: Rehan Shaik

Cinematographer: Anil Kumar P

Telugu OTT platform ETV Win has now come up with a web series titled Sasi Madanam. The show stars Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh in the lead roles and is directed by Winod Gali. Let’s see how it is.



Madhan (Pavan Sidhu), who belongs to Warangal, and Sashi, who hails from Hyderabad (Soniya Singh), are head over heels for each other. Madhan is a carefree guy who looks for easy money, and hence, he gets addicted to betting and rummy. One day, Madhan loses lots of money in betting, and to escape the wrath of a money lender, he decides to stay in Sashi’s house for a few days. This is also when Sashi’s parents leave Hyderabad to attend a relative’s marriage. Madhan thinks staying in Sashi’s house will be the safest option, but destiny has other plans for the lovers.


Plus Points:

Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh’s chemistry is the best part of Sasi Madanam. The duo has been entertaining YouTube audiences over the years, and with this web show, the real-life couple has once again recreated the magic by sharing a crackling chemistry. Their cute moments and banters will bring a smile to our faces.

A few comedy scenes are nicely designed. The whole match-making episode tickles the funny bones with confusion comedy. The idea isn’t unique, but the way the dialogues are written and the drama is created will leave us in splits. Out of the six episodes, this particular episode stands out with a good amount of entertainment. Pradeep Raparti, who played Sonia’s father, did a very good job. His dialogue delivery and expressions are amusing.



Minus Points:

The basic idea is interesting, and had it been utilized well, Sasi Madanam would have been a solid entertainer. The main issue with this romantic comedy is that it doesn’t seamlessly blend comedy and emotional moments. There are a few emotional scenes, but they don’t make much of an impact. These emotional portions look forced, and some are out of place, too. The ending is dull as the conflict gets resolved very easily.

Regarding the fun portions, the writing is both a hit and miss. There are some genuinely laughter-evoking moments, but there are also times when the makers try too hard to impress, and those scenes fail to leave a mark. The writing team could have done a far better job regarding the comedy sequences, as the show is more reliant on them.

The track involving the second female lead doesn’t provide depth to the series, and it just adds to the runtime. The intention to include another love track is understandable, and it also has a message. But was it effectively conveyed? No. It was brought up all of a sudden in the narrative and doesn’t pack a punch as intended. Many such aspects of the show remain at the surface level and happen in haste.


Technical Aspects:

Sinjith Yerramilli’s music is soothing. The songs are neatly composed and the background score is also good. The visuals by cinematographer Rehan Shaik look neat. Though the series is made on a limited budget, the production values are good. The editing is okay. At times, it gives a rushed feeling.

It seems that the makers wanted to keep things simple, but this actually became a drawback. Emotions aren’t explored well, making Sasi Madanam an underwhelming rom-com. Director Winod Gali came up with some good moments, but the series doesn’t entertain completely.



On the whole, Sasi Madanam has very few likeable moments, but there is nothing remarkable about the show. Lead pair Pavan Sidhu and Soniya Singh perform well, and their chemistry is solid. A few comedy scenes don’t work, but the main problem is that the show lacks the desired emotional depth, and hence, it falls short of being satisfactory. Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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