Janhvi Kapoor’s Mr. & Mrs. Mahi – Hit wicket by tedium

  																				 Janhvi Kapoor’s Mr. & Mrs. Mahi – Hit wicket by tedium

Release Date : May 31, 2024

123telugu.com Rating : 2.25/5

Starring : Rajkummar Rao, Janhvi Kapoor, Rajesh Sharma, Kumud Mishra, Zarina Wahab, and others

Director: Sharan Sharma

Producers: Karan Zohar, Zee Studios, Hiroo Yash Johar, and Apoorva Mehta

Music Directors : Aadesh Shrivastava, Vishal Mishra, Tanishk Bagchi, Jaani, Achint–Yuva, Hunny–Bunny, Dhruv Dhalla and John Stewart Eduri

Cinematographer: Anay Goswamy

Editor: Nitin Baid

Rajkummar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor starrer Mr. & Mrs. Mahi finally released in theaters this Friday. Check out our review to find out more about the movie.



Mahendra Agarwal (Rajkummar Rao) dreams of joining the Indian cricket team but fails. His father pushes him to run the family business instead. Later, his parents arrange his marriage to Mahima (Janhvi Kapoor), a doctor. Mahendra is surprised to learn that Mahima loves cricket too. He hopes to achieve his dream with her support. Will Mahima support his wish and leave her job? How will their parents react? What will ultimately happen? Find it out in the movie.


Plus Points:


Rajkummar Rao once again proves why he is one of the finest actors around. His portrayal of a character experiencing hope, distress, failure, and ambition is truly remarkable.

Janhvi Kapoor looks decent on screen, and her dedication to learning cricket is evident in her performance.

Other actors, such as Kumud Mishra, who plays Mahendra’s father, and Rajesh Sharma as the coach, deliver commendable performances in their roles.


Minus Points:


While effective promotion is crucial for films like this, the trailer inadvertently revealed too much, robbing the big screen experience of its surprise factor. It’s like opening a gift only to find out you already know what’s inside.

The plot suffers from predictability, crying out for unexpected twists and turns to inject vitality into the storyline. Without these surprises, the viewing experience feels more like enduring a slow-paced match on a rainy day, testing the patience of even the most fervent cricket fans. Instead of delivering the adrenaline rush of a T20 match, the film unfolds at the leisurely pace of a test match, stretching the audience’s endurance to its limits.

The practice scenes and matches fail to ignite genuine excitement, blurring the lines between a cricket match and a family drama. This confusion persists throughout the unnecessarily protracted runtime, transforming the experience into a marathon rather than a sprint.

While the songs offer a brief reprieve, the lackluster background score fails to amplify the film’s emotional beats. Furthermore, the presence of numerous errors throughout the production only adds to the list of shortcomings.


Technical Aspects:


While the concept holds promise, its execution falls short. A tighter screenplay by Sharan Sharma could have redeemed the film, but missed opportunities abound.

John Stewart Eduri’s score misses the mark in elevating key moments, while Anay Goswamy’s cinematography fails to capture the dynamism required for a sports drama.

Nitin Baid’s editing feels sluggish, further hindering the film’s momentum. Nonetheless, the production values manage to scrape by with a passing grade.



On the whole, Mr. & Mrs. Mahi falls flat, neither delivering the excitement of a sports drama nor the warmth of a family tale. Instead, it stretches like an overlong short film, testing the patience of viewers. While Rajkummar Rao shines, the rest of the film feels like a tedious endurance test. Skip it and catch the upcoming T20 World Cup 2024 for real excitement.

123telugu.com Rating: 2.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team