Bootcut Balaraju – Fails to impress

  																				 Bootcut Balaraju – Fails to impress

Release Date : February 2, 2024 Rating : 2/5

Movie Name : Boot Cut Balaraju

Starring: Syed Sohel, Meghalekha, Sunil, Siri Hanmanth, Indraja, Avinash, Saddam, and others

Director: Sree Koneti

Producer: Md. Pasha

Music Director: Bheems Ceciroleo

Cinematographer: Shyam K. Naidu

Editor: Vijay Vardhan

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Bootcut Balaraju, starring Bigg Boss fame Sohel, is now out in theatres. The movie, directed by Sree Koneti, has Meghalekha as the female lead. Let’s see how the film is.


Bootcut Balaraju (Sohel) is a good-for-nothing guy in his village. All the villagers respect Patelamma (Indraja), who cares for everyone’s well-being. Mahalaxmi (Meghalekha), the daughter of Patelamma, is a childhood buddy of Bootcut Balaraju. Siri (Hanmanth Siri) and Mahalaxmi both confess their feelings for Balaraju. Balaraju accepts Mahalaxmi, but he has a bigger battle ahead. What happens next? What is the challenge that Balaraju needs to face? This is what the film is about.

Plus Points:

Sohel is so adorable in the film. He is superb both in comedy and emotional scenes and carries the movie on his shoulders. Meghalekha delivered a neat performance, and she looked gorgeous, too. She is so natural in the love portions. Also, Siri Hanmanth, who played another female lead, is fine in her role.

The struggle Sohel undergoes for his ladylove and the scenes that come in this regard are well presented. Sunil, Indraja, and Jabardasth Rohini, who played other supporting roles, captivated with their modulations and histronics. Others like Avinash and Saddam did justice to their respective roles.

Minus Points:

Though the story taken by the director is good, the screenplay isn’t engaging. The narrative moves at a very slow pace for the most part. The second half especially tests the patience levels big time. The portions featuring the lead pair are regular in nature.

The hero’s characterization lacks strength. Also, the overdramatic nature of a few sequences and a few repetitive scenes add to the woes. Had the routine and boring scenes been presented in an entertaining manner, the movie could have been much better. Climax isn’t designed well.

Technical Aspects:

Koneti Sree failed as a writer as the screenplay hardly made any impact. The songs and background score provided by Bheems Ceciroleo are just okay. The editor should have trimmed a few unnecessary scenes. The cinematography by Shyam K Naidu is fair. The production values are solid.


On the whole, Bootcut Balaraju is a love tale that fails to impress. Apart from the lead pair and a few comedy moments, the rest of the film isn’t engaging. The unimpressive and slow narration, along with boring sequences, are the biggest drawbacks of Bootcut Balaraju. Hence, it ends up as a disappointing watch. Rating: 2/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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