Amar Singh Chamkila – Hindi film on Netflix

  																				  Amar Singh Chamkila – Hindi film on Netflix

Release Date : April 12, 2024 Rating : 3.25/5

Starring: Diljit Dosanjh, Parineeti Chopra, Anjum Batra

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Producers: Mohit Chaudhary, Select Media Holdings LLP, Saregama and Window Seat Films

Music Director: A.R. Rahman

Cinematographer: Sylvester Fonseca

Editor: Aarti Bajaj

Netflix has dropped a new film titled Amar Singh Chamkila, which stars Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra in the lead roles. Let’s see how it is.



The film is a biopic of famous Punjabi singer-musician Amar Singh Chamkila (Diljit Dosanjh), who came into the limelight through his vulgar and double-meaning songs. How did Amar Singh Chamkila influence the majority of Punjabi people through his songs? What challenges did he face for creating and singing such songs? What all happened in his life? Watch the film to know the answers.


Plus Points:

Not just those who know about Amar Singh Chamkila but also those who do not know anything about this Punjabi singer will surely enjoy this film, as it is narrated in an entertaining and informative manner. The back-and-forth screenplay is gripping for the most part and is filled with songs throughout.

If you are not aware of this singer, you will likely enjoy the film even more, as the story will shock and amuse you at the same time. A singer gets abundant love and hate from the public for his choice of songs. According to him, he is right in his own way since there are people who enjoy his work. But a few oppose him, saying that he is spoiling society and objectifying women. The film raises questions like what qualifies as art and who gets to decide that.

The film doesn’t romanticize Amar Singh Chamkila. It presents the story from multiple perspectives without any sugarcoating. Imtiaz Ali leaves it to us to decide if Amar Singh Chamkali is a legend or not, which is the best part of the film. Things like the 1984 anti-Sikh riots and how Amar Singh’s songs provided respite to Punjabis are well presented. The movie neatly depicts the various challenges Amar Singh faced.

Diljit Dosanjh is brilliant in the titular role and lifts spirits with his mesmerizing performance. As Diljit is a singer by profession, his performance seemed very natural. He portrayed various emotions in a stunning manner. Parineeti Chopra does a very good job as Diljit’s wife. This role is very challenging for Parineeti, given that she is performing alongside a renowned singer (songs are recorded live through the voices of Diljit and Parineeti). The actress did her best to match up with Diljit.


Minus Points:

Songs are an integral part of the story, and they drive the film forward. You need to be more attentive and follow these songs; otherwise, there is a chance that you may get disconnected, too.

As the entire film is based on songs, a few scenes might seem repetitive and boring. The team could have removed a couple of song sequences to make the movie look even better, and doing so would have increased the film’s reach. At times, the pacing dips in the mid portions.


Technical Aspects:

Legendary AR Rahman did a superb job, and he is the second pillar of Amar Singh Chamkila after Diljit. His work for Maidaan is now winning hearts on one side, and within a short gap, he weaved his magic once again. The small-town setup is nicely shown through the lens of Sylvester Fonseca. The production values are too good. Dialogues are fabulous, and they effectively communicate the director’s vision.

Imtiaz Ali did a solid job portraying Amar Singh Chamkila’s musical journey. He also included the events surrounding the singer, and Imtiaz didn’t take sides. The choice to show real-life footage along with the film is an excellent idea, and it helps us better connect with Amar Singh Chamkila.



Generally, biopics present the protagonists in a positive way, but Imtiaz Ali sets this film apart by offering multiple perspectives and posing many questions. Diljit Dosanjh is remarkable, and he is ably supported by Parineeti Chopra. The film also benefits from rich music and neat direction. One needs to follow the lyrics carefully to enjoy the movie. Repetitive moments could have been avoided, and the pacing dips occasionally. Despite the issues, Amar Singh Chamkila is a captivating watch. If you have liked the English film, Elvis, then there is a high chance you will end up liking Amar Singh Chamkila, as both are a bit similar in terms of the protagonist’s characterizations. Rating: 3.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team