Fahadh Faasil’s Aavesham – Malayalam film on Prime Video

  																				  Fahadh Faasil’s Aavesham – Malayalam film on Prime Video

Release Date : May 09, 2024

123telugu.com Rating : 3.25/5

Starring: Fahadh Faasil, Mithun Jai Shankar, Hipzster, Roshan Shahnavaz, Sajin Gopu, Mansoor Ali Khan

Director: Jithu Madhavan

Producers: Nazriya Nazim, Anwar Rasheed

Music Director: Sushin Shyam

Cinematographers: Sameer Thahir

Editor: Vivek Harshan

Fahadh Faasil’s latest release, Aavesham, directed by Jithu Madhavan, is now streaming on Prime Video. Let’s see how the film is.


Bibi (Mithun Jai Shankar), Aju (Hipzster), and Shanthan (Roshan Shahnavaz) hailing from Kerala, join an engineering college in Bangalore. They get beaten up by their college seniors, and the trio decides to settle scores. Aju opines that having local support will help them take revenge against their seniors. Soon they befriend Ranga (Fahadh Faasil), a local gangster. How did the companionship with Ranga affect the lives of Bibi, Aju, and Shanthan is what the film is about.

Plus Points:

A few films heavily rely on the lead actor’s characterization, and Aavesham falls into this category. Director Jithu Madhavan has created one of the craziest characterizations in recent times without a shadow of a doubt, but the best part is that he chose Fahadh Faasil for it.

The Malayali actor has hit it out of the park with his unhinged performance. Whatever Fahadh does in the film is very amusing, and even his minute gestures will tickle the funny bones. Fahadh unleashes the beast in him and makes Aavesham an enjoyable flick. The actor’s performance is so good that it is difficult to imagine anyone else in the shoes of Ranga.

Mithun Jai Shankar, Hipzster, and Roshan Shahnavaz are solid in their respective roles. The trio doubts Fahadh Faasil’s capability and believes that the goons are bragging too much about him. These scenes will create doubt in our minds, making the proceedings interesting. In one way, the director created an element of suspense in this action comedy.

There are a good number of enjoyable moments in both halves, and the fun scenes work to a large extent. Sajin Gopu is fantastic as Fahadh’s side-kick. The emotional moments at the end are handled neatly without going overboard.

Minus Points:

As said earlier, the film is all about the protagonist’s characterization and has a wafer-thin plot. Those who expect solid content might get disappointed a bit. More time is taken for the world-building and establishment of characters.

The pacing is slow in certain sequences in the second half, and a few portions could have been edited out. Mansoor Ali Khan’s role needed more depth. Due to writing issues, the actor couldn’t make any impact.

Technical Aspects:

Sushin Shyam’s songs and background score are solid and in tune with the film’s theme. Sameer Thahir’s cinematography is brilliant, and the fight sequences are superbly captured. The production values are neat, but the editing could have been much better.

Though the plot is thin, Jithu Madhavan handled the film nicely by infusing entertaining moments at regular intervals. The battle is half won with the director choosing Fahadh Faasil for Ranga role, and the actor has taken the movie to a whole new level with his electrifying act.


On the whole, Aavesham offers a wild ride, and this action comedy majorly benefits from Fahadh Faasil’s high-spirited performance. The actor lights up the screens with his remarkable screen presence, and Ranga is one of the most unconventional roles to have come out recently. The movie has a wafer-thin plot, and the pacing gets slow in the second half. A few scenes could have been trimmed. The movie’s strength lies in its crazy moments, which outshine its flaws. Hence, Aavesham ends up being an enjoyable fare.

123telugu.com Rating: 3.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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