90’s – Telugu web series on ETV Win

  																				  90’s – Telugu web series on ETV Win

Release Date : January 5, 2024

123telugu.com Rating : 3.25/5

Starring: Shivaji, Mouli, Vasuki Anand, Vasanthika, Rohan, Snehal Kamat

Director: Aditya Hasan

Producers: Naveen Medaram, Rajasekhar Medaram

Music Director: Suresh Bobbili

Cinematographer: Azeem Mohammad

Editor: Sreedhar Sompalli

ETV Win has now come up with the web series 90’s which stars Shivaji, Mouli, and Vasuki in the lead roles. Aditya Haasan directed this family drama. Let’s see how it is.



Set in Wanaparthy, 90’s is all about Chandra Sekhar (Shivaji), a government teacher, and his middle-class family. Sekhar’s wife, Rani (Vasuki), is a homemaker, and he has three children: Raghu Teja (Mouli), Divya (Vasanthika), and Aditya (Rohan). The kids are often disappointed due to the adjustments they need to make in life. Sekhar is so strict when it comes to his children’s education. The series takes us through a rollercoaster ride of emotions that happen in a middle-class family.


Plus Points:

The beauty of 90’s is that it will connect well with both youth and the family audience. We all would have had some memorable moments in our school lives, and 90’s is a nostalgic trip to reminisce those beautiful memories. In the beginning, there is a dialogue that 90’s doesn’t have a big story but is a depiction of simple and cute moments that happen in our daily lives. Hence, it doesn’t feel like watching something cinematic. Everything is so natural about the series.

An ample number of scenes will cut the mustard with us. A few of those beautiful scenes include expecting money from relatives when they visit our house, first love in school, trying to watch our favorite TV shows when our father is not around, and scolding our mother for cooking something very often. These are the things that everyone would have done in their lives, and hence, the relatability factor is quite high. The director presents all of these in an endearing manner.

The fun quotient is maintained throughout the series. Also, the emotions are presented in a neat manner. Vasuki’s scene with Shivaji, where she explains the hardships she is going through to maintain the household, is something that most housewives can relate to.

Every artist gave their best in the series. Shivaji performs it to the tee as the head of a middle-class family. He is terrific, both in fun and emotional scenes. Vasuki fits the bill rightly as a homemaker, and her performance is adorable. Shivaji and Vasuki’s roles are nothing but a representation of middle-class parents.

The show-stealers are Mouli, Vasanthika, and Rohan. The cute little moments between the siblings are superbly brought to life by these three. Mouli gets most of the screen time and delivers a splendid performance. Vasanathika and Rohan are adorable, while Snehal Kamat leaves her mark.


Minus Points:

The third episode, where Shivaji talks about education in private schools, could have been presented in a better manner. The pacing, at times, gets a bit slow, and a few scenes seem repetitive.

As stated above, 90’s doesn’t have a big story, and hence, it becomes predictable. The editing team could have trimmed down a few sequences for better impact.


Technical Aspects:

The music by Suresh Bobbili is soothing and neatly contributes to the lighter tone of the series. The cinematography by Azeem Mohammad is pretty good. The makers spent what was required for the series. The editing is decent, and a few scenes could have been shortened.

Kudos to director Aditya Hasan for coming up with such a clean family entertainer. The series is truly a tribute to 90’s kids and their parents, blending fun and emotional aspects. Despite the slow pacing at times, the series will surely strike a chord with family audiences.



On the whole, 90’s is a good family entertainer with numerous nostalgia-evoking moments. Just like the show’s tagline, 90’s is truly a middle-class biopic with many relatable and cute moments. Shivaji, Vasuki, Mouli, Vasanthika, and Rohan are pretty good in their roles. The story is simple and straightforward, but that has been presented in a heartwarming manner. The pacing gets slightly slow during the mid portions, and the length could have been reduced a bit. Nonetheless, 90’s is a good watch this weekend. Recommended.

123telugu.com Rating: 3.25/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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