Hansika Motwani’s 105 Minutes – Falls short in every second

  																				 Hansika Motwani’s 105 Minutes – Falls short in every second

Release Date : January 26, 2024

123telugu.com Rating : 1.5/5

Starring: Hansika Motwani

Director: Raju Dussa

Producer: Bommak Shiva

Music Director: Sam CS

Cinematographer: Kishore Boyidapu

Editor: Syam Vadavali

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Actress Hansika Motwani’s experimental movie, 105 Minuttess, has hit big screens today. Delve into our review to discover how it fares.



On a rainy night, young beauty Jaanu (Hansika Motwani) returns home after shopping, only to encounter strange and eerie happenings. Is there an evil presence in her house? Who or what is causing her fear? What happened in the end? The movie holds the answers to these questions.


Plus Points:

From the outset, the movie has been touted as an experimental single-character, single-shot film, generating considerable curiosity, and it manages to live up to some extent.

Hansika Motwani, as the sole character Jaanu, delivers an okay performance within the constraints of her role. She emotes effectively and fits into the various situations seamlessly.


Minus Points:

While the director’s ambition to create a single-shot film with a lone character is praiseworthy, it’s important to note that the film isn’t strictly a single-shot endeavor. The filmmaker takes cinematic liberties and employs editing techniques to create the illusion of a continuous take.

Regardless of the storyline, a coherent and ‘understandable’ narration is crucial, and this is precisely where ‘105 Minuttess’ falls short. After a few minutes, viewers may feel that the director intends to reveal the reasons behind the events in the next hour. However, this expectation is prolonged until the end, muddying the audience and wondering about the film’s underlying message.

Furthermore, several scenes feel drawn out, and Hansika’s reactions sometimes seem exaggerated. The director attempts to sustain suspense by withholding the reasons behind her shocking expressions, a tactic that ultimately proves unsuccessful.

The sound effects (SFX) should create the right atmosphere aligned with the content. In this case, however, the sounds are more irritating than frightening.


Technical Aspects:

Raju Dussa falls short as the writer and director. While there may have been a vision to reveal more in a potential second part, the execution in this movie leaves much to be desired. The storyline lacks depth.

One would expect an impactful score from the talented Sam CS, but he surprises everyone with his pale work. Given the theme, he could have crafted a score that truly evokes fear from the audience. Cameraman Kishore Boyidapu deserves a pat on the back for his work, particularly in draggy scenes. Editing is acceptable, and so are the production values.



On the whole, 105 Minuttess is an excruciating horror thriller with little to offer, apart from Hansika’s ‘okay’ performance and the work of the cinematographer. It’s advisable to skip this film and explore alternative entertainment options for the weekend.

123telugu.com Rating: 1.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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